How to Choose the Right Tires For Your Car

First of all, is the normal highway tire your car came fitted with. This tire is meant for city and highway use. It is designed for optimal performance on paved roads and offers a mix of good handling, safety, fuel economy, life and smoothness. It can take bad roads and to an extent, unpaved roads or driving on grass and sand. In other words, it meets and the requirements of normal use.

Then there are mud tires. These have a special tread design that forces mud away and allow for it to maintain better contact with the road. These tires are best suited for bad and wet road conditions and work best on back country roads and partial paved surfaces in wet areas.

Snow tires (also called winter tires) have an asymmetrical tread design that allows for better gripping of slippery and wet surfaces.

Off road tires (also called rally tires) are designed with heavy treads and ribs on the side that permit much better traction in off road conditions. They are usually more flexible than standard tires to allow them to contour and grip uneven surfaces. They are made to operate at low pressures and to flex to allow for the absorbing of bumps.

These are the four main types from which you can decide how to choose the right one for your car. Remember that each type of tire is designed for a specific application. It is not a good idea to use a tire for any purpose than it has been designed for. Mud or snow tires, if used on dry paved surfaces will not only wear out fast, but will provide inadequate traction and also tend to heat up more than standard tire. Snow tires or normal tires are not designed for off road conditions and if used there could easily blowout.

When choosing the right tire for your car, buy the type that best suits your driving conditions. If need be, get different sets for different conditions, i.e. standard tires for most of the year and snow tires for winter. If you have doubts or are confused, you local tire dealer or garage can give you advice.

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Cooper Tires Review

Cooper Tires is a great company with a tradition of keeping their clients happy, with a high priority set on safety and satisfaction.

Cooper Tires ReviewCooper Tire Company is a leader in tire sales and one of the most popular brands out there. They have done a lot to keep their name in the public eye and that has been increasing over the past several years.

Currently, Cooper has partnered with Good Morning America to do specials to help educate the American public on the importance of tire safety. Many of the accidents and incidents that happen to American drivers can be attributed to tire safety, and it isn’t always about the tires malfunctioning, often it is that the drivers are not aware of their tires and don’t pay proper attention to them which would in turn keep them safe. Cooper is also popular all around the country because they sponsor a professional bull riding team and travel hosting events all over the country. It is these kinds of innovative marketing techniques that keep Cooper popular all over the United States. Backing that with quality tires, they are a brand to be beat in the tire market.

Cooper Tires Review

Cooper has one of the best websites out there regarding tires today. Not only do they show off their tires, they also offer tire safety tips, education, and content about many things related to tires. The website has a very handy tire dealer feature where it allows you to search by your home address to find Cooper Tire dealers that are close to you. This is a great feature to help you see what stores currently trust Cooper as one of their brands. The website also offers great shopping options; you can search for your specific kind of tire based on the kind of vehicle you drive, to make sure you are buying the right tire for you. There is a comparison matrix on the web site that allows you to see how high they rate their own tires based on things like dry traction, wet traction, tread wear, sound, handling, winter traction, and off road traction. This is an amazing feature because it allows you to find the tire that suits you best based on your personal preferences. Some people are more concerned about specific things than others, so this site is a great way to balance what you want from a tire to find the right product for you.

Cooper educates the public by providing numerous safety tips to help make sure consumers are changing their tires when they need to, and how to take care of your tires to make them last as long as possible. They really care about educating the public, whether you wind up purchasing their brand of tire or not.

Cooper Tires have a number of tires that you are able to choose from. There is quite a bit of warranty information on the website as well, explaining that if your tire is not drivable within the first 25% of the tire life you get a full replacement. If your tire breaks between 25% usage and your purchase date, they not only replace it, they also throw in the balancing and mounting.

Overall, Cooper is a company that values their clients and wants to keep them for many years to come as shown by their great reputation for client satisfaction.