How to Choose the Right Tires For Your Car

First of all, is the normal highway tire your car came fitted with. This tire is meant for city and highway use. It is designed for optimal performance on paved roads and offers a mix of good handling, safety, fuel economy, life and smoothness. It can take bad roads and to an extent, unpaved roads or driving on grass and sand. In other words, it meets and the requirements of normal use.

Then there are mud tires. These have a special tread design that forces mud away and allow for it to maintain better contact with the road. These tires are best suited for bad and wet road conditions and work best on back country roads and partial paved surfaces in wet areas.

Snow tires (also called winter tires) have an asymmetrical tread design that allows for better gripping of slippery and wet surfaces.

Off road tires (also called rally tires) are designed with heavy treads and ribs on the side that permit much better traction in off road conditions. They are usually more flexible than standard tires to allow them to contour and grip uneven surfaces. They are made to operate at low pressures and to flex to allow for the absorbing of bumps.

These are the four main types from which you can decide how to choose the right one for your car. Remember that each type of tire is designed for a specific application. It is not a good idea to use a tire for any purpose than it has been designed for. Mud or snow tires, if used on dry paved surfaces will not only wear out fast, but will provide inadequate traction and also tend to heat up more than standard tire. Snow tires or normal tires are not designed for off road conditions and if used there could easily blowout.

When choosing the right tire for your car, buy the type that best suits your driving conditions. If need be, get different sets for different conditions, i.e. standard tires for most of the year and snow tires for winter. If you have doubts or are confused, you local tire dealer or garage can give you advice.

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Falken Tires Review

The Falken Tire Company was started in the 1980’s in Japan. It is a company that derived itself from Sumitomo Rubber. Falken products were shipped to the United States starting around 1985.

Falken Tires ReviewNow Falken Tires is located in California where they have their corporate headquarters and a large distribution center that supplies their West Coast companies. They additionally have distribution centers in other states around the country including Tennessee, Texas and New Jersey.

Originally, Falken produced a low number of high performance tires, but currently, it is one of the most well known producers in the tire industry. In a fairly short time, Falken went from a relatively unknown company to one of the most popular brands of tires available. Besides regular private passenger vehicles, they also now create products for the motorsport industry and take part in racing designs. Even some trucks and commercial vehicles are able to have Falken Tires now.

Falken Tires has a great website that can be very helpful to their clients and is extremely convenient. If you enter the year, make and model of your vehicle, it allows you to get recommendations on the best tire products that Falken creates for your kind of vehicle. You can also find out where to purchase the tires near you, whether they are in stores or at dealerships that offer their products. Falken is active in the motorsports community and they sponsor both racing and drifting teams.

Falken Tires are being sold in many high end tire supply stores like Mr. Tire, Merchant Tire, and Sears Automotive. The brands that are able to be sold at these kinds of merchants are well tested and of a very high quality or they wouldn’t be available to be purchased by the public. These large corporations would not put their businesses and clients safety at stake on iffy products. They instead test the tires extremely thoroughly to make sure they are able to hold up to tough driving conditions and only sell quality tire brands that live up to their standards.

Falken Tire is an innovative company and they are constantly adding new tires and other products to their brand. They currently offer products for the racing industry, but also for private passenger cars, trucks and SUV’s, along with commercial vehicles. They have a varied product line from luxury tires to racing tires. They are always coming up with new innovative ways to brand themselves and enjoy testing things out through their in house racing and drifting teams, technology designers and marketing strategists.

Falken offers a very fair warrantee program which has been well received by their clients. You are not able to buy Falken Tires on their website; you instead need to buy them in the stores that currently participate with their brand. You can find this information on the website and also by contacting tire stores and dealerships in your area. If you are looking for an innovative and exciting tire company with a great history of both racing and private passenger success, Falken Tires may be the right brand for you.